Special Commissions

Artwork for Forest Gin bottle print

This piece was commissioned by a husband for his wife on the occasion of the birth of their first child.  The concept was entirely his.  I loved making it for them!

This piece was commissioned by a customer for her in-laws for a special wedding anniversary.  It features the anniversary couple, their children, their spouses and all the grandchildren.  They are all doing something which is very specific to them.  It was a fantastic piece to draw and cut!

This piece was commissioned by a customer to give to her husband for his 50th Birthday.
Please email me for further information if you would like a papercut of your own papercut family tree.

I was commissioned by the Corporation of the City of London to produce the artwork for this year's Lord Mayor's Show.  Both the Guildhall in the centre and the surrounding parade were all handcut.

This piece was commissioned by a family for their Nanny who was leaving them after 5 years!  The brief was to show the Nanny with the children, in an outdoor setting - like the gardens of a castle.

This piece was commissioned by a couple to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary.  It shows an Irish Ceilidh wedding with the musicians in each corner.  The couple were quite specific about the types of dancing couples portrayed.

This piece was commissioned by a couple in Australia.  The papercut shows the spot along the Yarra River in Melbourne where they had their first date.  The quote is a line from their favourite song.

This is the artwork for an album cover.  The band are called The TG Collective and this is their first album "Release the Penguins"

This piece was commissioned by a previous buyer.  My client specifically requested an apple tree with the quotation by WB Yeats.  He wanted there to be a William Morris feel to the piece, which I hope I've achieved in the style and design.

These two little owls were commissioned as an accompanying piece to the "Butterflies" papercut (see below).
Both pieces measure 7" x 7"

This papercut was commissioned for a new school in the prairies of Iowa (Prairie Green School).  The brief was to  produce a piece portraying a central tree with a girl on a swing on one side and a boy reading a book on the other side.  My client also specifically wanted the Iowa hills and prairie grass to be represented in the papercut.

This house cross-section was specially commissioned by a lady for her best friend as a very special house-moving present.  My client particularly requested that the illustration showed a home with 3 children, a husband with a treasured music collection, cut flowers in every room and trees surrounding the house.  The remainder of the details were left to me to decide. 

If you would like to see your home illustrated as a unique cross-section papercut, please contact me at craftysooz@gmail.com

This Lighthouse piece was commissioned by a chap for his future in-laws.  They live in a lighthouse in the Channel Islands.  The other piece below, Christiana with Butterflies, was commissioned by the same chap for his fiancee.